MLA18 Panels

380: A Real Say: Pushing the Limits of Shared Governance

Friday, January 05, 2018

03:30 PM – 04:45 PM

Hilton- Beekman


Ali Behdad
U of California, Los Angeles


Jennifer Ruth
Portland State U

Jennifer Larson
U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Christopher John Newfield
U of California, Santa Barbara

Cynthia A. Current
U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Michael Meranze
U of California, Los Angeles

681: Managing the Online Classroom: Challenges and Strategies

Saturday, January 06, 2018

05:15 PM – 06:30 PM

Hilton- Concourse C


William Christopher Brown
Midland C


Depth versus Breadth: Coverage in the Online Classroom
Carrie Sickmann Han, Indiana U–Purdue U, Indianapolis

More Than Just Convenience: Harnessing the Learning Opportunities of the Online Classroom
Melissa Dennihy, Queensborough Community C, City U of New York

Reinventing the Online Course: Social Media Approaches to Learning
Lisa Longo Johnston, Centenary U

Teaching World Literature Online: Helping Students Engage with Multicultural Literature
Pamela Kirkpatrick, U of Arkansas, Fayetteville

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