Sessions Arranged by the Committee in 2014

196. Write on Your Own Time: Scholarship and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members
Nicole B. Wallack, Columbia Univ.
Speakers: Sarah Boslaugh, Kennesaw State Univ.; Katherine Boulay, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago; Peter Khost, Stony Brook Univ., State Univ. of New York; Zachary Lamm, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago; Sophie Queuniet, Columbia Univ.; Deborah Skolnik Rosenberg, Northwestern Univ.; Andrea Witzke Leavey, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago

Session Description:

How do expectations for scholarship enter into the lives of non-tenure-track faculty members’ teaching, sense of professional identity, and status among our peers? This roundtable will explore the conditions that inform the content, form, frequency, and reception of our scholarship. We will reflect on how non-tenure-track faculty members can create space—literal and figurative—for scholarly work.

571. Off the Tenure Track, on Our Radar
Presiding: Karen Lentz Madison, Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville

1. “Contingent Faculty Members at the Center for the Study of Languages, Rice University: Evolutions in Policies and Practices,” Wendy L. Ring Freeman, Rice Univ.

2. “Bylaws and Collegiality at Pitt: Forty Years of Inclusive and Adaptive Faculty Self-Governance,” Philip Edward Smith, Univ. of Pittsburgh